lundi 29 juin 2015

First Images Of Tunisia Gunman On Beach

Sky News obtains exclusive pictures of Seifeddine Rezgui strolling calmly along the shore with his Kalashnikov.
13:44, UK,Sunday 28 June 2015


Chilling pictures have emerged of the Tunisia gunman on the beach where he killed at least 38 tourists.
The images show Seifeddine Rezgui strolling down the shore with his weapon as people watch in horror from behind. 
The pictures have emerged as witnesses described how he was "very, very calm" when he opened fire on holidaymakers after emerging from the sea.
Tourists also told how Tunisian builders threw bags of cement and bricks at Rezgui from the top of buildings as he fired his weapon in nearby streets.
Others described how Tunisians pleaded with the killer "why are you killing these people?" - but he just sneered and walked on.

The accounts, and pictures, were revealed by Sky's Chief Correspondent Stuart Ramsay, reporting from the beach in Sousse.
"The shooter had his weapon concealed inside a sun umbrella - he basically came here, went into the water and washed," Ramsay said.
"Then he came out, he got his gun out.
"He was very, very calm - he then attacked one woman shooting her dead immediately.
"He then shot other individuals we are told and began spraying into the beach area which had a lot of people."
Ramsay continued: "He then went inside the hotel again - again there was firing.
"Some said they heard explosions, some say he was throwing grenades and more people who were caught at that gate were killed.
"Afterwards, after he'd been in, he came out and he walked now along the beach, which was full of people who had come to see what had happened and disappeared up a side road.
"He walked past a number of Tunisians who said to him 'why are you killing these people, why are you killing these people?'.
"He basically sneered at them and said 'well I'm not killing you' and basically walked on past them.
"He was still firing when he walked into the street.
"We are told that builders who were working on the tops of buildings were throwing bricks and bags of cement on to him to see if they could actually hit him.
"By the time he turned the next corner, the police were there and from high positions they shot him dead."
Ramsay said it is believed the shooting lasted between 30 and 35 minutes.
"Some of the questions people are asking are: How long did it take the police to get here? Were they too slow? Should there have been more police here already?"

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